Trooth, Justice and the Grimerican way

The TruFaux Sho

I was driving home early Wednesday morning thru Chestermere. Listening to a favorite podcast on my surveillance device. And the truther said, "You know, you can't even trust the clouds in the sky." And I was so dismayed to be informed of this, that I ran three yellow lights in his honor. 

Thank you Darren. Thank you Graham.

I had dreamed of starting my own podcast, but i was kinda lazy. I'd thought, by the time I'd gotten around to it.... Someone else.....Well, someone else would've already done a better job. Much to my surprise, when on the Black Budget I laid out the format. It's gonna be funny. Mostly true and a little faux. But, there was the show. The TruFaux Sho!

Well, the truther kept right on saying that all I had to do was send 500 million dollars to the Clinton's Foundation, located somewhere in Mena Arkansas, and all my misdeeds and improprieties could be renewed. But, I'm poor. So, the next week I started on it. This show. Well, you know what kind of show it is.